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Worksheet of Film Screening Robinson Crusoe (1997)

Students are requested to prepare a personal blog and share your bloglinks in the comment section of the blog so the records can be documented properly and your blogs can help the students in future too.

In English Department, MKBU First Semester Students screened the film adaptation Robinson Crusoe starring Pierce Brosnan as central character (Robinson Crusoe) after studying the text. This blog is designed to share the interpretations and findings of the students. After viewing the film there are few questions in my mind before asking the questions Let's face the facts.

About The Film

Author: Daniel Defoe (1616-1731)

Genre: Novel

Directors: (as Rodney K. Hardy),  

Screen play: Christopher Lofton , Tracy Keenan Wynn, Christopher Canaan

Robinson Crusoe flees Britain on a ship after killing his friend over the love of Mary. A fierce ocean storm wrecks his ship and leaves him stranded by himself on an uncharted island. Left to fend for himself, Crusoe seeks out a tentative survival on the island, until he meets Friday, a tribesman whom he saves from being sacrificed. Initially, Crusoe is thrilled to finally have a friend, but he has to defend himself against the tribe who uses the island to sacrifice tribesman to their gods. During time their relationship changes from master-slave to a mutual respected friendship despite their difference in culture and religion. - Written by Tiny T 


You can answer all the question or minimum 3 questions.


What does cannibalism signify ? Did you notice cannibalism in the film? share example.

Could you find colonialism in Robinson Crusoe?

Could you notice master slave relationship in Robinson crusoe? Please share examples. 

Please refer to the discussion between Crusoe and Friday and what impressions do you receive for religion vs. other cultures?


Crusoe's dominance over people, pets his interests in slave labor like the first word Crusoe teaches to Friday is 'Master'. Please share some examples.

Can you connect the text with any contemporary issues of the world? For say the film can be evaluated from Feminist view point there are very few female characters and more male characters are projected. What does it signify? Can you go beyond the text and interpret the film and text? Similarities and differences between the book and the text? Do you find any connection of "Crusoen Dominating Spirit" in the contemporary era such as industrialization and automation, the social media disaster (aloofness and alienation caused due to social media like wise)?

Say something about the mysterious island and Crusoe's sea bower, sea torments, and the trap Crusoe makes for cannibals.


  1. 1)Yes wenotnotice cannibalism in the film.In this film many scenes presents a situation of cannibals.Many of people meet together and kill some cannibals because of their rituals.But this is not right way to kill someone for no reason.In this film two times we can see cannibalism.
    2)Yes we can see colonialism in Robinson Crusoe.He behaves with Friday as a salve.It's presents it.
    3)yes.He met with one cannibal and after he live with him.Crusoe thinks that he was salve for him.After Crusoe gave gave name to cannibal.That name was friday.He teaches Friday .First word he teach was a master.Crusoe behaves with Friday was his slave and he was the master. One time Friday realised that Crusoe behaves with me like master and became angry in one scene.But after Crusoe and Friday became good friends.
    4)Many of the white people thinks that we are always superior and because of that he thinks that all black people are our slave.I'm this film Crusoe teaches to Friday and his first word was 'Master'.why first word is master,not others.It's signifies mentality of white people.
    5)Yes,we connect the text with one issue.Our mentality is that white people are superior than us.Ex.when we went to some place and if we see the torister,we capture photo with them and also gave respect .But if we went out of india,no one white man happy to take photo with us.


  3. 1.yes,cannibalism is signify in this film.many of cannibal together and kill some other cannibal,because that is your custum and ritual.and signify the tribal people and barbarial cculture.for example Friday and other was a uncivilised people.

    2.yes,we can see the colonialism in Robinson Crusoe.colonial perspective in exploring the film.he is capture put into slavery in Portugal with young African boy Xury.
    3. Yes,master slave relationship with Crusoe.Crusoe gave the name cannibal.he is live cannibal after that first meet Friday.he was first words teaches "MasterFriday".Friday is slave.Crusoe is spirit of authority and agree with him.after that Friday become good.
    4.Crusoe's religion relates to issues like slavery(the cases of Friday and Xury)and fellow human beings.Religion Christianity and barbarial it,Bible.Crusoe begin to techs Christianity to Friday.first does not understand ask many question.

  4. ANS:1: Yes,in the film Robinson Crusoe we noticed cannibalism. Cannibalism signify the unsocialised or we can say uncivilised people. Who don't know society. There were no any rules and regulation. Cannibalism signify the uncivilised people. Example : we saw that how cannibals enjoy themselves by killing other cannibals and celebrate time . They also kill canibals and eat their heart. In the film we also saw cannibalism at the end of the film.

    ANS:2: Yes, we find colonialism in Robinson crusoe . The relation of black people and white people that is colonialism. And the relation of friday and crousoe when they meet first time that time we find some littel colonialism bat after they bothe become a good friends. The relation of master and slave of crusoe and Friday that is colonialism.

    ANS:3: Yes,we notice master - slave relationship in Robinson crusoe. The first word crusoe teaches to friday that is the word 'master' . That indicat that crusoe was master and friday was slave. so, the relation of crusoe and Friday present the relationship of master and slave.

    ANS:6: No,we can not connect the text with any contemporary issues of the world because that time is very old time. There were no any technology and not education on island. Canibals are dont know the communication also. And now at the present time we lived in tecbnological era. we lived with science, and technology, machines, vehicles and education. and we lived in respactable soceity and that time there were no any facilities had cannibals.

    ANS:7: In the film we saw only ane female character and she had also very little role in the film. and that is crusoe 's wife Marry. On island there were no any female character. It signify the less importance was given to female.

  5. (1) yes,I notice cannibalism in the is signify that unsocialised and uncivilised people and also cannibal was eating own species.They was man eater thats why they their own cannibals.We see their own culture is not there but crusoe give his own cultur to friday.FOr example we see in the movie how cannible enjoy to kill his own cannible and also celebrate his own ceremony.

    (2) yes, i fiend colonialism in robinson crusoe.The relasionship between friday and crusoe is shows colonialismand and also relasionship between black and white people also.

    (3) yes I notice master slave relationship in Robinson crusoe.when crusoe meet friday and he teach the first word " MASTER ".it show the master slave relasionship between black and white people and also signify that cruso was master and friday was relasionship between crusoe and friday show the master slave relasionship.

  6. 1)yes,I notice cannibalism in this film Robinsonse crusoe.And cannibalisam signifyin this film unsocialism and uncivilised people ,and cannible was didn't know about society,rules and reguletion .they always enjoy his ceremony in this film they kill any cannible and eating some spices .that signify canniblism in this film.
    2)yes,we can find colonialism in this film Robinsonse crusoe . in this film i see black and white people the charecter about robinsons and friday ,and that also they relationship tells us colonialism.,i notice
    3)yes,i notice master and slave reletionship between robinsonse and friday in this film .Friday was slave,and first of all he teach the word friday and he calls Robinsonse the word of "Master" .that was his cherecterisation also find that his reletionship between master and slave in film.

  7. (1) Yes, I notice cannibalism in this film. And signify in this film. When robinson came in this place and
    after some time he looked that many cannibal meet together and killed some cannibal but it is not right
    our point of view but we looked at his side so we know that cannibal did not know societys rules and
    regulation and do not know what is right and wrong thats why they killed some cannibals.

    (2) Yes, I find colonialism in this film robinson crusoe and we can see colonialism between robinson
    crusoe and friday and see that what is difference between white people and black people .

    (3) Yes, I notice master and slave relationship in this film Robinson crusoe. When Robinson crusoe and
    one cannibal meet and after some time they both became a friend and Robinson given name a friday and
    say that you are slave and I am master that meamns Robinson is a white people and friday is a black
    people and show that what is difference between white people and black people and this show that
    master and slave relationship.

  8. Ans:1. When Crusoe saw the footprint in the island for the first time he was shocked and thought that it might be the footprint of devil.he was right in a way that cannibals were almost like devil.they are completely uncivilized people,knowing nothing about how to live life.cruely they ate live man,but one thing that is notable that they eat only their enemy and do not eat the person belonging to their cast.
    We can connect this idea of cannibals with our contemporary time also,that at present we are talking about the great thing of the world such as science and technology,computeter, digital world,progress, modernism etc etc. But there are still tribe people in Africa and in several parts of India who live in same condition as cannibals. It is shameful and matter of thinking for all of us.

    Ans:2. No,I don't think that Robinson Crusoe is a colonizer man. Yes at initial stage there were some colonize ideas in the mind of crusoe ,but it was just because he was frightened of that cannibals. And that's why he introduces himself as master to Friday for the first time. He bounded Friday,but next day when Friday brought breakfast for him,his heart was melted and he made him free from the chain. Then Friday and Crusoe became a true friends. And it was heart touching scene when Friday died, at that time Crusoe cried a lot and for long time he could not get out of that shock. Second thing is that he had pet only because of his loneliness. He is good human being.
    So,we can say that Crusoe is a white man but he is real hero,who has great fighting spirit and many other heroic quality. He is not a colonizer at all.

    Ans:4. In the present video Crusoe and Friday are talking about god. Friday tells to the Crusoe that 'fakia'(crocodile) is his god and he makes everything. Crusoe becomes angry and says that 'you can't worship crocodile'because god makes everything,he teaches us to love,even our enemy. Then Friday asks to the Crusoe that show me your god I will show you my god. Crusoe replies him that we can not see god but he is in our soul,in our spirit.
    We can conclude that god is same like us. As Barad sir has shared the photo of god from his Thailand journey. Friday's god is similar to him. As Friday is uncivilized cannibal so he worships the other animal crocodile.

  9. 1.Cannibals signifies the differences between culture. Cannibals are sarcasm on uncivilized people by Defoe in one or other way.

    2. yes,we could find colonialism in Robinson Crusoe.Britisher's had habit of writing dairy and they also got the power of publication.They were also powerful in maths,because Crusoe made a death trap and also documenting everything that is how we can say that roots of colonization are recited in this novel.

    3. Yes, we clearly found master slave relationship in Robinson Crusoe, when that seen comes that Robinson taught first word 'Master' to Friday, we can say that how White man believed to black man.In the film he telling Friday that he is his friend but in actual he treats him like servant.

  10. Respected sir
    This is my film review of Robinson Crusoe
    1.The cannibalism is sing of the practice of eating the flesh of your own kind and he was eating of the the film when Crusoe was come is island at that time ship in ocean come that time he was go behind the ship then he listen voice of the cannibal then 17 people in the cave he was all hunt of the people in cave then eating.
    2.In the novel many idea of the colonial many thing of the colonial fist of the ship Crusoe is one live at island then many people dead body crusoe see when a strom coused the men dead body at cross symble put a cross symble of died body then people to live then he shout and poweder in idea is colonial then meet barberian the first teach friend then master is kind of colonial then meet barberian the first teach friday then master is kind of colonial idea then god is every thing making and bible is god then he daily writing of dairy he live is land like king this are all is colonialism in Robinson Crusoe.
    3.In novel master sleave idea is like colonial people mentality it is hear reprasente like first time island meet crusoe of people then stat to teach language and say speak friday then master he all then he sleve say you sleep seat heare then mid night weakup then teach language find a food andfriday to teach fist cook food then eat and then he go back of the barberian island at that time he eight between barberian people hunt then friday many nature thing to use of medicine then he fight between to men the friend not bit a cruse he was faithful servant and relationship.


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