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Video resources along with face to face learning

Yesterday (11th September 2011) there was an interesting debate held in the class. The Subject was: what should be there first, text reading and then video resources or first video resources and then text reading.
As per my opinion, we should go for text reading first and then video resources because the text is the primary thing. The Text is the origin and then the videos are prepared on the basis of the text. We understand about the characters, the theme and the genre and a lot more about a book by reading it, when there is a possibility of omission in a video of a text. Now a days, because of latest software, video production and editing has become easy. At the same time I believe that video resources are very powerful tool that saves time and makes the text understanding simpler, yet one question in my mind motivates me to go for text reading first and that is: Can we prepare an answer in the exam on the basis of the Video adaptation of a play? My answer to that question is No. We …