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Mobigam: Mobile Technology for Language Learning Group Discussion: My Views 11/22/2013

I’m very glad and excited  to take part in Project Mobigam Group Discussion. I'm pleased to share my views regarding my mobile phone usage.
Question 1. The first question invites you to reflect on your own mobile use. In the paper we state that in Gujarat ‘Mobile phone usage is also high. There were 25 million phones in use in 2008 reaching 40 million in 2012. This means there are 85 mobile phones for every one hundred people.’ What about your own mobile phone use? Who do you talk to (or text) on your mobile device? About what? Are these interactions with the same people as in your face-to-face or more established networks?
Answer 1: I’m lucky enough to have an android smart phone. It supports all the SNS apps which I use, such as fb, twitter, whatsapp, wechat, line, g+,bbm, and in. ( I am using myspace no more.)I use my cell phone to listen to podcast and believe me guys podcasting does help in language learning. is my favourite website. They offer .mp3…

The Cinema and Its impact on Society

Technological innovation has made fantastic developments. The twentieth century has numerous investigative inspirations to its credit. The film involves a paramount place near them. Before all else silver screen pictures were motion pictures just i.e. there was just development however no quality. Such pictures were called noiseless movies. The noiseless films were indicated with the assistance of projectors. At the same time with the development of the photograph-electric cell, it got conceivable to present the intonation track in the pictures. The pictures thereafter were not just ‘movies' however ‘talkies' moreover. The talkies ended up being extremely ubiquitous inside an extremely short time. After the appearance of the film, the dramatization or stage-acting was viewed as the most prominent origin of diversion. There were misgivings that stage-acting might be expelled by the silver screen. There is doubtlessly regarding the way that the show languished a setback over at …

Representation of Women in Mass Media

Portrayal of Women in Media ________________________________________________________________________
Despite the fact that ladies have altogether in each part of essence, the long record of in human medication given appears ceaseless. The Government, legal and social activity aggregations are initiating positive movement to give ladies correct poise in financial, social and private ranges. In try the broad communications have a vital part reporting wrongdoing catching up medicinal activity, activating popular feeling, bringing about social change and highlighting positive improvements. The plan of worth in any social norms is reflected in the substance of mass conveyances. The way subjects managing ladies are treated shown to an awesome degree the predominant mentality of the social order towards women. In this respect, the on going conveyance upset has opened up new conceivable outcomes of quickening the method of upliftment of ladies. At the same time provided that it remains unguided…

An Essay on Advertising and CSR


         Advertising, a manifestation of Commercial Mass Communication outlined to dvertise the bargain of an item or aid, or a note in the interest of a foundation, conglomeration, or appointee for political office. Proof of Advertising might be recognized in cultures that existed many years in the past, however advertising just came to be a major Industry in the 20th century. Today the industry utilizes many individuals and impacts the buying behavior propensities of billions of folks. Promoting using worldwide now outstrips $350 billion for every year. In the United States apart from everyone else around 6,000 Advertising Agencies help make and put ads in a Variety of Media, incorporating Newspapers, Television, Direct Mail, Radio, Magazines, the Internet, and Outdoor Signs. Promoting is so everyday in the United States that a normal individual may experience from 500 to 1,000 Advertisements in a specific day, as per certain gauges.

         Above all Advertising is o…

How has cross-boarder satellite TV Revolutionized the media scenario in India?

Definition of television broadcast via satellite: a television service for which the signal is relayed via satellite to be broadcast to customers who have appropriate receiving equipment (Wiki)

Experiments in TV broadcasting started in the U.S.A. in the twenties of this century. But the available equipment did not scan the picture effectively. In the next five years came certain inventions, like the picture tube, electronics camera and TV sets. They made it possible for NBC (National Broadcasting Co.) in the thirties to set up a TV station in New York. BBC too started a TV station in London.

The Second world War halted the expansion of TV. But immediately after the war, TV broadcasting started expanding in the U.S.A. and other Western countries. By 1948, there were 48 TV stations in 25 cities and two million TV sets in the U.S.A. Within 10 years, 512 stations were sending programs to 5 crore sets. Canada, Japan and European countries were also making brisk progress. 
Satellite revoluti…